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yes, girls ride motorcycles too!

i’ve always wanted to learn how to ride a motorcycle!  i think i talked about it for years.  and one day i finally decided it was time.  i signed up for a weekend course run by the motorcycle safety foundation (which i highly recommend), and i was on my way to becoming a rider. (there’s a longer story about my weekend, but i’ll save that for another post.)

clearly i had not followed this idea through to it’s logical conclusion.  i hadn’t really thought about what would happen after that weekend.  why had it escaped me that once i finished the course, i would want to practice these new found riding skills?  but that requires owning a motorcycle, of course!

patrick & little d riding princess

so my husband set off to purchase a used bike that we wouldn’t be afraid to ride (or drop).  and we ended up with a fantastic 1983 BMW r65.

patrick and i shared “princess” for a while until we felt like our skills were stronger.  and eventually we wanted something with more power and faster acceleration.  and i wanted something new and shiny.

thruxton test drive

i had been drooling over the new triumph thruxtons.  they have done a great job bringing the old school cafe racer style into a beautiful contemporary new bike.  so we went to a great demo event at our local dealer, ace motorsports, in concord, ca.  triumph brought many of the bikes in their fleet and i got a chance to ride quite a few different models that day.  WOWthat was fun.  if you’ve never been to a demo day… i highly recommend it.  it’s a blast!  but at the end of the day we were still just a one bike family.

fast forward 6 months… we relocated to charleston, sc; i turned the big 4-O; and one day we decide to go take a look at our local triumph dealer, american biker.  we meet, we greet, we chat, we drool.  i happen to drop into the conversation that my dream bike is the special edition thruxton. (the one that’s nearly impossible to get). and then just when we had almost escaped the dealership, i heard the words that made my heart skip a beat… i think i might be able to get my hands on one. WHAT?!?!


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